R-PVC Hub is a web platform, connected to the site of PVC Forum Italia, innovative that offers the possibility for the exchange of recycled PVC, putting in contact those offers and those looking for. The heart of the service is the platform on which manufacturing companies, processors and recyclers can find new business opportunities.

Through R-PVC Hub you can:

Find the contacts of the companies registered through


Know what type of PVC Rigid or Plasticized are produced by companies registered through


See the quantities of Rigid and Plastified PVC offered or requested by the companies registered through




Among the objectives present in the Voluntary Committment of the European PVC supply chain, VinylPlus, has a decisive role to reach the 800,000 tons / year of post-consumption PVC mechanically recycled by 2020...

Who we are

Through PVC HUB we want to create a way of “collaboration” between all the PVC recycling operators: who collects waste, who treats waste, who produces recycled items…