Recycled artifacts

7) Drain cavities

PVC-U pipes free from plasticizing charges, intended for the involvement of drinking water, suitable for the construction of underground aqueduct networks and irrigation systems. The mixture used in the manufacture of the supply tubes must conform to UNI EN 452-1 and consist of PVC, inerti charges, RAL 7011 colour stabilizers and other additives in the quantities strictly necessary to facilitate extraction operations, while ensuring the stability of the polymer characteristics both during processing and during the useful life of the product. The mixture used must have documentation from the approved laboratory. PVC-U pipes intended for the induction of drinking water and food fluids under pressure attesting to the value of MRS (Minimum Required Strength) 25 Mpa at 50 years. The use of own reprocessable material obtained during the production of products conforming to ISO 1452 is allowed in addition to virgin material. Reprocessable material from external sources and recyclable material should not be used. The pipes must comply with UNI EN 1452-2 and suitable for conveying pressure fluids, aqueducts, irrigation systems and the transport of food fluids. The tubes are glass with seal or bonding glass or smooth ends and supplied in bars of nominal length of six meters. The nominal length is the minimum length of the tube excluding the glass.

Marked LCA and with EDP declaration. It uses recycled PVC and is on the market.

6) Compact wall PVC-U pipes and fittings for sewer pipes

Supply and installation of PVC-U pipes and fittings for pipelines intended to involve free-haired waste, civil, industrial and agricultural sewers. Compact wall PVC-U tubes and fittings with a class of nominal rigidity SN, diameter, thickness and SDR conforming to UNI EN 1401-1 and classified with application code “U” (buried outside the structure of the building) or “UD” (buried both within the perimeter of the building and outside it). The glass ing system must be with a rubber sealing ring conforming to UNI EN 681/1, made of elastomeric material. Compact wall PVC-U pipes and fittings for sewer pipes. The material with which the pipes are to be manufactured is a mixture based on polyvilchloride and additives necessary for processing. The PVC content shall be at least 80% by mass for the pipes (153 kg/dm3 volume mass) and at least 85% by mass for fittings, determined in accordance with EN 1905. A further reduction in PVC-U content of up to 75% en masse for tubes (156 kg/dm3 volume mass) is allowed only the use of micronized charges. The formulation must ensure the performance of the pipes and fittings throughout the life of the work. The minimum amount of PVC resin in the material constituting the pipes and fittings shall be that required by reference standard UNI EN 1905.2001. the minimum PVC content can be verified on samples taken at all stages of the process (during production, from warehouse, from construction site)

Marked LCA and with EDP declaration. It uses recycled PVC and is on the market.

5) Plastic piping systems for low and high temperature discharges inside PVC-U manufacturers

Non-plasticised vinyl polychloride (PVC-C) piping systems complying with UNI EN 1329-1 (2000) “Supply of PVC-U pipes and fittings made according to UNI EN standard 1329-1 for use in sectors a) Low and high temperature domestic water exhaust pipes b) Ventilation pipes connected to discharges of a) and c) Rainwater discharges inside the building structure. Pipes and fittings can be used in two application areas within the structure of the buildings (marked “B”) and underground within the structure of the buildings (marked “BD”). Possible colors are defined in RAL 7037 grey, RAL 8023 brown red and RAL 2003 orange. The material must have a PVC content greater than or equal to 80% for pipes and 85% for fittings. The PVC value is determined by en 1905. The use of reworkable and recyclable material as set out in Annex A to UNI EN 1329 is permitted. Piping systems shall ensure a noise emission lower than foreseen in DPCM 5/1271991, which for discontinuous installations has a  limit of 35 b measured in accordance with UNI EN ISO 16032 and must be made of materials enabling fire classification according to UNI EN 13051 and its Fire Reaction Euroclasses.

Marked LCA and with EDP declaration. It uses recycled PVC and is on the market.

4) PVC-U tubes for cable and telecommunications

PVC-U tubes for the protection of underground telecommunications lines – TLST

  • Standard NF T 54-018
  • Gluing glass joint
  • Light gray color
  • TLST NF marking

PVC-U tubes for the protection of underground lines of Optical Fibers

  • Gluing glass joint
  • Light gray color

PVC pipes -U for the protection of high voltage power lines

  • Standard NF T 1329
  • Gluing glass joint
  • Light gray color
  • Standard length 4 mt. (on request 3-6 mt)
  • Fire safety certification

Marked LCA and with EDP declaration. It uses recycled PVC and is on the market.

3) Construction system – external cladding walls

Construction element for the construction of walls and related construction process with the use of FFC. Aesthetically so similar to wood, but it does not burn, breathable, without the need for maintenance it is perfect for a home. This is how friul Filiere’s brand new patented wall concept was born, composed of separate elements that assemble easily. Two connected panels thanks to joints that run between them. For the first time the wall panel is modular and can be built using different materials. Hell is made of lightened compound material (FFC), a mixture of PVC and natural fibers such as iuta, hemp, sugar cane and rice wool for a comfortable, healthy, safe life.

The exterior is made of surface-coated recycled PVC with a protective acrylic resistant to UV rays, weathering and abrasion, is washable and does not require any kind of maintenance.

The HOME turn-key project is a local empowerment concept that allows investors to create complete factories where communities can produce the full range of profiles and panels to assemble things on the territory, employing local labor formed directly by Friul Filiere technicians.

It uses recycled PVC and is on the market.

2) PVC windows (windows, blackouts and doors)

PVC is one of the most used plastics in the world for its versatility, in fact, despite being rigid in its purest state, it can be mixed with plasticizers that make it flexible and moldable. Its frequent use is due in fact that it guarantees compliance with the standards currently in force for energy saving and environmental compatibility. Among its countless uses, frequent is that for the realization of profiles for high-performance windows at affordable costs, in fact it has good characteristics that make windows resistant to weather (acid rain, pollution) and to the attacks of the salt. In addition, PVC fixtures are well insulated, both thermally and acoustically, thanks to the low thermal conductivity of the material, stable, resilient   and versatile, and resist fire, as well as being durable, hygienic and recyclable. One of the main features that distinguishes PVC windows is  waterproofness, PVC windows are the least sensitive to water infiltration and at the same time resist wind stresses well. This characteristic has allowed them to spread especially in sea areas. PVC windows do not need great maintenance and are not particularly difficult to clean; generally  you have to clean them every six months to prevent their colors from fading. PVC fixtures are lightweight and handy, making them the best solution in cases where large windows or french doors need to be made.  In addition, such windows are fireproof as PVC is a self-extinguishing material, which does not feed the flames in case of fire.

Marked LCA and with EDP declaration. It uses recycled PVC and is on the market.

1) PVC wraps

PVC coils have a very high thermal insulation coefficient, thanks to the inner tube between the two walls of profiles (these alveoli are also used for the insertion of metal reinforcements in the shutters, to strengthen the roll-up and avoid distortions. Reinforcements are added according to the size of the winding itself and the coloring chosen. PVC windings are also suitable for use in maritime areas thanks to the excellent resistance to salt. The prices of these blackouts are very competitive, without losing quality and robustness as well as being available in a wide range of colors. PVC windings can be moved with manual maneuver, motors for winding (3 options to motorize blinds with wall control, remote control or home automation system) and by winch.

Benefits of using PVC wraps:

  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Excellent degree of thermal insulation
  • By far the lightest material
  • Total absence of condensation droplets on the surface
  • Excellent resistance to chemical agents
  • The highest value for money

Marked LCA and with EDP declaration. It uses recycled PVC and is on the market.