ICESP Assembly 2019

ICESP Assembly 2019

On November 27th, the meeting of the ICESP Platform was held in Rome, of which the PVC forum Italia is a Partner.

As you know, ICESP aims to promote the Circular Economy, among other than to promote end-of-life product recycling.

The results of the platform in 2019 and the various working groups were presented at the meeting. Here are some of the following points about the working groups that are most interesting for those working in  the plastics recycling sector:

Group 2: Monitored the Situation of End of Waste through THE MUD and made an assessment of the new legislation. The next step should be to propose regulatory improvements that simplify the definition of EoW and recycling.

Group 4: Three subgroups focused on the following themes: Constructiononeand Demolition, Textile-Abbemento and Fashion, Electric Mobility. A position document is being defined for each of these subgroups.

Group 5: The update of the 2018 review  “The circular economy in urban and suburban areas” is being prepared to define how to apply the concept of  circularity of urban areas  (including the collection and selection of waste, including plastics, and their reuse at the local level – Km 0). A workshop on these issues has been scheduled for the beginning of 2020.

Group 6: 82 Best Practices of Economy Circolare  collected in 2018 by GdL4 and GdL5 were analysed and a database of 63 BP was built. Some of them have been included in the European Good Practices Database including two proposals from the PVC Forum Italy (


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