3 new recyclers enter PVC Forum Italia

PVC Forum Italia is pleased to welcome 3 new companies operating in the recycling sector, recently joined the more than 80 Members who cover the entire PVC supply chain with its multiple applications. The three recyclers also joined the Waste Recycling Project (WREP).

NR Recycling Srl

Located in the province of Treviso, N.R. Recycling grinds different types of post-consumer plastics and works them to return them to the market as a “second raw material”, then a new, recycled, transformable and reusable material. A real resource for the whole market. With this material, the company feeds the recycling engine and promotes the circular economy. There are 3 services offered: grinding on behalf of third parties, own-account grinding and plastic waste takeaway service.

Mondosd Srl

Mondosd is a structured and certified company that deals with the recovery, collection, grinding, regeneration and recycling of plastic waste, especially PVC, deriving from industrial processing and post-consumption. The company, part of the Mondoplastico Group, is located in a strategic position, at the entrance of the motorway, in Bernate Ticino (MI). He works with a UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 Certified by CSI Spa, which allows you to track the entire production cycle, from the entry of the material as waste or by-product to its output as MPS (ground) which is SVHC free. To facilitate waste recovery, mondosd also offers a consulting service to customers/suppliers.

Tecno Polimeri Srl

Tecno Polimeri is a private company of Anagni (FR) operating in the recovery of plastics from both municipal and special waste. It specializes in recovery with R3 activities (recycling/recovery of organic substances not used as solvents) of plastic consisting of rigid PVC that re-releases on the market in the form of granules and classified as the second raw material in accordance with UNI EN 10667-6.