VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2019: accelerating innovation

“Accelerating innovation” is the theme of the seventh VinylPlus Sustainability Forum which will explore the main drivers of innovation in support of the PVC industry’s objectives in the circular economy. Representatives of the entire supply chain will meet in Prague, Czech Republic, on 9 and 10 May 2019.

Organized by VinylPlus®, the Voluntary Commitment for the sustainable development of the European PVC industry, Forum 2019 will focus on the role that innovation can play in the sector’s capacity to provide future economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The two-day 2019 Forum is a highly anticipated event by VinylPlus members and their stakeholders to share views on how technological innovations, supported by digitization, are changing the PVC industry and its sustainable development approach.

Eminent speakers from the Commission and the European Parliament, the Czech Ministry of the Environment, the United Nations, NGOs and the academic world will join industry and market experts to discuss the driving forces behind innovation in sustainability and the economy circular in the plastics industry.

With presentations, round tables and interactive debates, the complete program will cover wide-ranging topics, from ongoing progress in areas such as competitiveness of PVC products, use of recyclates and product design, to how the construction and construction sector is adapting to the digital age.

Brigitte Dero, General Manager of VinylPlus®, says: “The path of the PVC industry towards sustainable development began almost 20 years ago. Much progress has already been made thanks to the development of new technologies that are transforming the sustainability of the PVC sector. In this respect, the role of the voluntary commitments of our industry, such as VinylPlus, is essential to promote innovative and sustainable approaches. ”

“Once again, our annual event provides participants with a valuable networking opportunity to collaborate, share best practices and get insights into key innovation accelerators in the PVC industry today.”

VinylPlus® is the Voluntary Commitment of the European PVC industry. The program defines a long-term sustainable development model for the entire PVC supply chain by addressing a series of key challenges in the Europe of the 28, Norway and Switzerland.