UNI/PDR 75:2020 Selective deconstruction

On 3 February 2020, UNI/PDR 75:2020 came into force, defining the methodologies for selective demolition in order to recover waste produced in a circular economy.

PdR means Reference Practices and through which UNI defines the best operating modes in this case in relation to the demolition of buildings. It should be noted that the PdR is not a national standard but a collection of shared best practices.

Published reference practices are available in the UNI Catalog and remain valid for a period of no more than 5 years, the maximum time within which they are either transformed into a regulatory document (UNI, UNI/TS, UNI/TR) or withdrawn.

This reference practice defines an operational methodology for selective deconstruction that facilitates the recovery (recycling and reuse) of waste from construction and demolition. The methodology described in the document is oriented to compatibility with the digital management of the process and information.

This document outlines a process for selective deconstruction and waste recovery that takes into account both existing buildings to be renovated or demolished, as well as newly built buildings. For the former, during the preliminary diagnosis phase of the types and quantity of materials that make up or are contained in the building, a database is planned to report materials for recycling and reuse; for the latter, on the other hand, a database must be built into which the materials provided by the project are inserted.