WREP 2019, the PVC recycling project starts again

In 2019 PVC Forum Italia  and  VinylPlus  continue the path started in 2016 with the joint three-year project called  WREP  (WasteRecycling Project). WREP 2019   also extended the trial to other areas and, as a first step, an agreement was signed between the PVC Forum Italy and  ETRA Spa  (EnergyTerritory Environmental Resources), a public multiutility that manages the integrated water service and waste in the Brenta River basin that extends from theAsiago Plateau to the Euganei Hills, including the Area of Bassanese, and the urban belt of Padua.With this agreement  we have replicated what we did in 2018 and that is to estimate the amount of PVC available for recycling in the territory of ETRA and define a collection scheme to improve the collection and recycling of PVC waste. After carrying outsome courses, taught by the PVC Forum Italy, on how to recognize and select the PVC separating it from the other plastics,the selection activities began from October 2019.

At the moment:

Indicators value detected October 2019 value detected November 2019 value detected December 2019
Amount of bulky CER 200307 waste sent to CISP 411.93 ton 331.48 Ton 354.93 ton
amount of selected PVC waste received by ciSP during the reporting period 9.94 ton 5.64 ton 4.46 ton
amount of Rigid PVC selected by PVC waste inbound to the plant 9.35 ton 5.36 ton 4.24 ton

For a total of 18.95 tons in the first quarter of reporting.