Updated “WREP 2019” new experimental project

After the WREP 2018 (info at the following LINK), a new experimental project called WREP 2019 will start shortly, similar to the previous one which, always coordinated by PVC Forum Italia with the support of DAE srl, will start a collaboration with another Municipality of the North East This time we would also like recycling companies to participate in this experiment immediately evaluating and, if possible, withdrawing post-consumer PVC from urban waste collection or from demolition that will be collected in the trial. Anyone interested in having more information on how to participate in the project can contact the PVC Forum Italia directly.

The WREP 2019 Project continues to involve, in addition to the competent authorities in the field, the various stakeholders belonging to the demolition and recycling industries. The objective of the project was and is to implement an experiment aimed at identifying, intercepting and recycling PVC in a specific territory. For this purpose it was decided to continue in the north-east with the territory of another Metropolitan city.

We recall the objective principles of the WREP 2018 project to increase the quantity and quality of recycled PVC in Italy with a view to Circular Economy, through the involvement of:

public and private waste managers
building breakers
PVC recyclers
recycled users
How can we reach it?

creating an Experimental Model transferable to other realities
ensuring the traceability and certainty of the material flows in the supply chain
evaluating the overall efficiency of the supply chain, in relation to the quantity of PVC recycled also in economic terms
The objective is to minimize waste and the use of raw materials by reusing, repairing, renovating and recycling existing products and passing the linear-to-circular PVC chain.

The project will involve:

2 ecocenters:
a collector of urban waste
local companies that deal with special demolition and construction waste:
local companies that produce industrial waste
Through their involvement, the PVC coming from: will be identified, intercepted and sent for recycling

waste streams produced by construction sites
collection in the ecocenters of bulky urban waste
waste sorting and treatment plants
direct collection from producers and installers by those involved in the project