Who we are

Through PVC HUB we want to create a way of “collaboration” between all the PVC recycling operators: who collects waste, who treats waste, who produces recycled items.

The association PVC Forum Italia, together with VinylPlus, AGPU  and Recovinyl, wants to make a contribution to the training of the interested actors by informing them about national and European rules on PVC waste and technological innovation in terms of waste selection and management and the definition of by-products , waste and secondary raw materials (end of waste)

About VinylPlus: VinylPlus is the new ten-year voluntary commitment of the European PVC industry. The program establishes a long-term framework for the sustainable development of the sector by addressing a number of critical challenges in the EU-28, in Norway and in Switzerland. The VinylPlus program has been developed from the bottom up in industry workshops and through open dialogue with all stakeholders, including NGOs, regulators, public representatives and PVC users. Each of the five key challenges is based on The Natural Step System for a Sustainable Society. VinylPlus undertakes to comply with the following operating principles:

Voluntary action – addressing the challenges of PVC sustainability proactively.

Measurable targets and deadlines – publicly shared and reported on an annual basis.

Continuous improvement – accepting that the journey towards sustainability requires constant assessment and learning.

Collaboration: work together in the sector to find solutions that no single player can implement and reach much larger stakeholder groups.

Transparency: openness, sharing and recognition of the gap between where we are now and where we want to be.

Scientific rigor and research – making sure that technologies, processes and materials are evaluated on the basis of strong and scientifically founded sustainability principles.

Dialogue – create more debate with those who have something to say about PVC, in a positive and receptive mood.

Responsibility: nobody will guarantee a place for PVC in a sustainable future different from the sector itself.

In pursuit of business prosperity – we need successful businesses along the value chain – this means achieving a return on acceptable investment, being competitive while pursuing sustainable development.

Priority for the innovation of sustainability: research, design and innovation should have no objective other than to improve the sustainability potential of PVC, including its competitiveness on the market, and to openly discuss components, materials and practices that do not sense in terms of sustainable development.

Who is AGPU: Agpu (www.agpu.de/en) for more than 25 years it connects about 60 companies along all the value chain of PVC-from salt to recycled material. Connects an industrial network along the entire value chain. It provides their members with access to an active and consolidated industrial network, a vast pool of AGPU expertise brings together the knowledge of a large number of experts and promotes the exchange of their skills and experiences. Keeps abreast of the times by constantly collecting, elaborating and reassuming the updated information. AGPU also works as a radar for the PVC industry, continually observing both the media and the legislation. It works as a reliable partner to conduct an open dialogue with decision-makers in the fields of business, politics and the media and with NGOs. AGPU uses targetgroup-oriented communication and persuing factual arguments to establish transparency and trust with its contacts. AGPU offers participating companies a wide range of different benefits. Its high-quality events, such as workshops and seminars and its working groups, give members the opportunity to meet important partners from the entire PVC industry, both in Germany and abroad. AGPU members also have access to policy makers from the world of politics and national and local authorities, as well as environmental experts from the fields of commerce, trade and industry, architects, property developers, journalists and of the Leader opinion. Additional services are offered by AGPU Media GmbH.

Who is Recovinyl: A Recovinyl (www.recovinyl.com) was initially given the objective of facilitating the construction of systems for collecting and recycling, while now has the task of consolidating and making available an ever-increasing quantity of PVC to be recycled, to meet the demand for recycled PVC that it has helped to create. Recovinyl’s task is also to certify the recycled tons that are then made official through the annual Progress Report.