CIRCE2020 Project

CIRCE2020 Project aims to spread the Circular Economy as a new growth system, involving five different Central European countries, with ETRA together with ARPA Veneto representing Italy.

For ETRA,  a multiutility with total public capital (shareholders: 75 municipalities of the provinces of Padua, Vicenza and Treviso) that promotes integrated water services,   waste management and energy from renewable sources to more than 600,000 inhabitants and with almost 900 employees dependent, participation in this international project allowsand to focus in its territorial reality the opportunities  of improving the management of natural resources and waste, helping to bring local development on a more sustainable path in both environmental and economic terms.

The aim is to promote the spread of the circular economy in local production districts – that is, the closure of the cycles of matter and energy resources, minimising consumption and maximizing waste. Overcome the open-cycle “disposable” linear model.

After identifying innovative models of resource and waste management, the CIRCE2020 Project envisages the practical application of the most promising changes to some production systems in each area, thus revealing the first tangible results of the change process, working closely with local authorities to establish regional action plans that create a favourable area for the transitionin the regulatoryframework. Another key element  is the sharing and transferability  of information and toolsfunctional to change with the aim of making the circular economy a widespread system and not only theimitated to some pilot cases.
To achieve the project’s objectives in the different countries involved, it is first and foremost essential to define a methodology and a set of tools that can be applied in a homogeneous way in different production contexts.  Unvalued waste flows have been identified by identifying possible changes in production processes consistent with the principles of the circular economy; through the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC) methods, the impacts of these changes on the environment and the economic system will then be assessed. Based on the results of these analyses,the new development models will bedefined.
Project duration from  July 01,  2017 to June 30,  2020

Project partners:

ARPA Veneto – Waste Observatory (IT)-

AM Trans Progress (PL)
– Bay Zoltan (HU)
– ATM (AT)
– Cisthoca (HR)


Duration 3 years

Start 07/2017

End 06/2020



Cost 2.3 MLN


We participated in the project with WREP (Waste Recycling Project)  2019

Among the activities of the PVC Forum, special attention is paid to studies, information and education on the technical and environmental performance of PVC, from production to post-consumer; promoting high-quality PVC applications; and support research and innovation. PVC Forum represents VinylPlus in Italy. Among the activities of VinylPlus, to be highlighted in relation to Circe2020, the management of the controlled cycle. Nearly 740,000 tons of PVC were recycled in 2018 as part of VinylPlus, saving 1.5 million tons of CO2. For more information on the activities of the PVC Forum and VinylPlus: – – WREP (Waste Recycling Project) is the project launched by PVC Forum Italia to promote the development of pilot PVC waste collection and recycling systems from urban waste in collaboration with municipal waste collection centres.