WREP 2020 the continuous commitment

In 2020 PVC Forum Italia  and  VinylPlus  continue the path started in 2016 with the joint three-year project called  WREP  (Waste Recycling Project). The initiative aims to initially define the quantities of PVC available for recycling in Italy and then create pilot post-use PVC collection schemes to increase their recycling.
With WREP 2020 we want to extend the experimentation to other areas and, as a first step, an agreement has been signed between the PVC Forum Italia and ISONTINA AMBIENTE S.r.l. , The company manages the contracts of the environmental service i.e. collection, transport and disposal of municipal and similar solid waste, urban cleaning and management of disposal and treatment plants, carried out in twenty-five municipalities of the province of Gorizia (Capriva, Cormons, Doberdò del Lago, Dolegna del Collio, Farra d’Isonzo, Fogliano-Redipuglia, Gorizia, Gradisca d’Isonzo, Grado, Mariano del Friuli, Medea, Moraro, Monfalcone, Mossa, Romans d’Isonzo, Ronchi dei Legionari, Sagrado, San Lorenzo Isontino, San Canzian d’Isonzo, San Floriano del Collio, San Pier d’Isonzo, Savogna d’Isonzo, Staranzano, Turriaco e Villesse) and in three municipalities in the province of Trieste (Duino – Aurisina, Sgonico, Monrupino).

This agreement is intended to replicate what has been done in 2019, namely to estimate the quantities of PVC available for recycling in the territory under the competence of ISONTINA AMBIENTE and to define a collection scheme to improve the collection and recycling of PVC waste.
The start of the project involves the realization of some courses, held by the PVC Forum Italia, on how to recognize and select PVC separating it from other plastics.
Other similar initiatives are planned in the coming months in areas managed by other multiutilities.
The PVC Forum Italia always remains available to all companies involved in the collection and selection of post-consumer PVC interested to improve the selection and quality of the polymer to be started to recycle.