Recovinyl launches RecoTrace for pvc recycling traceability

RecoTrace™ is a data collection system to monitor, verify and record PVC recycling. Recovinyl has launched such a system on its website ( and on the website It was developed to meet the growing data collection requirements in line with circular plastics alliance objectives and EU policy initiatives to encourage the recovery, recycling and reuse of PVC. We remind you that VinylPlus has committed to recycle at least 900,000 tons of PVC per year into new products by 2025 and RecoTrace will be used to record and demonstrate the achievement of VinylPlus’s voluntary commitment and make a contribution to the overall target of 10 million tons set by the Commission for the plastic industry. Developed by Recovinyl, RecoTrace is designed for recyclers and transformers to record data in an easy-to-use and time-efficient format, ensuring the security and data protection of businesses. This tool will provide a clear picture of the flows of recycled material that will consequently be “traceable”. RecoTrace is available for use by those who recycle PVC from February 1, 2021. All companies that recycle PVC or use recycled PVC, to produce new products, are asked to contact Recovinyl in order to record your data in RecoTrace thus helping to demonstrate the efforts of the PVC supply chain towards a circular economy. Through RecoTrace, VinylPlus and the entire PVC industry, it wants to demonstrate once again its strong commitment to contributing to the circular economy and recording more and more recycled PVC.